Saturday, November 19, 2011

Short Updates for Top Shop Tournament

Top Shop Tournament First Day Report
Single Elimination: versus Moon and Sun Dragon Deck 2-0 OO

Swiss Round:
1st Round vs Dark World 2-0 OO
2nd Round vs Agent Angel 2-1 XOO
3rd Round vs TG Agent 1-2 XOX
4th Round vs WWBF 2-1 OXO
5th Round vs Six Samurai 2-1 XOO

Result: 3th place and swiss round for top 12 tomorrow

Wish me good lucks.. THANKS~!!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top Shop Tournament

The event will be held in few days..

Still can't decide what deck to use on that day..

Morning class till night and figure out the deck during midnight..

so don't be afraid when you saw a zombie like face on that day..xD

representing TB with LGQ and he seriously stress me a lot.

Hope I can do well on that day and at least go into top 8.

Wish my best luck..>< thanks a lot.