Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rescue cat Semi Chan

Rescue cat will be semi-limited.

What will happen?

Everything stated above is derived with the word " will ".

Dun take it as a serious matter.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

riding duel

If save for 12 speed counter,then if the third player deck is only speed spell, = otk every turn?
keep use speed world second effect duel 4k / 4.8k damage

Duel?or not ?

I really agree what my team mate Kuz said....
We don't aim to be the strongest or what...
We duel to have meet other meet some one who are strong..=)
Win or lose is not important in Yu Gi Oh..
Let's have FUN~~~

That's all for today



+ draw power ( >45 cards in deck ) = stable yet slow

< 50 cards in deck + less draw power + more firepower = unstable, yet consistent. Situational.

< 55cards =certain deck, special kind.

40 cards = All Around Frame

Juz piece of stuff that i've been seeing past my dueling experience....
I'm like 2 weeks without dueling now.

Dueling isn't about being the strongest,

juz hav fun, and duel.

The process is what matters the most.

So, duel ?



Sunday, July 25, 2010

sept banned list~welcome to comment and discuss

hmm, just saw LGQ blog, and many of us try to guess which card will get hit ~
(i will keep edit this post when i got new idea,when i update it i will post comment there )

deck -

Infernity :
wow,most of them say gun and demon will get hit~but tcg gold series 3 got demon +.+ ,but i think limit demon is more than enough, just make the combo loop for 1 time =) no more 3 trishula~

BF :
hmm,many people say that kalut / vayu may get hit. but konami going to release crow DP,hmm i wonder konami will limit any BF cards? or just limit some old card and force us to buy new cards in order to maintain the power of BF ? anything may happen~

Machina :
gearframe / fortress? i think no = =,this deck consider a balance deck, and got many way to play this deck... if world champion win with this deck.... then maybe konami will take action~

Frog :
either swap frog / sub-toad may get hit,if sub-toad is limit/semi-limited,then the speed of FTK / frog monarchs/frog synchro will drop a lot.IF swap frog is limited,then when frog trying to pull their wall need to sacrify other frog.

individual cards :

me : synchro summon ! trishula ! active effect !
opponent : chain.....mirror of ice barrier....
me : !?!? nani! never mind ! i just choose to RFP your graveyard cards,i still can attack you ! =P
see how strong trishula is... even new booster card also purposely to counter it but still he is strong....go into the limited list immediately ! ( But konami may reprint it to earn more brionic ? will it survive !?)

battle fader!!!!
active at hand,can be tribute to summon monarch, this card most probally will get hit,since new booster got new battle fader~swift attacking scarecrow~!!

treeborn frog & dandylion :
will they go back to limited list? i think no,cause new booster got a lot of card is purposely to counter them~new monarch !!! new monk !! ( i forget what its name = = )

scrap dragon :
you survive for this time,cause scrap deck havent complete yet,but 1 day u will go in to the list =)

snowman eater & lighlord dog,ryko :
go inside ! dont come out simply bite people ! lock you =)
(but most probally will not get limited ... T_T )

Friday, July 23, 2010


check ur dictionary,
it's inactive

nt unactive.

it's come

nt cum

i'll be away from the team for a while for being rude to one of my team member,

ya i kicked his head and he's half-dead now.

see ya sauces.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Defense OTK

just use some Star Strike Blast's card to do some funny deck...
Concept won't lose if you don't attack me...=)
Be peace~~~

Monsters (15)

Aztec Stone x3

Destiny Hero-Defender x3

Big Shield Gardna x3

Stronghold Guardian x3

Gravekeeper's Spy x3

Sangan x1

Magics (6)

Unity x3

Pot of Duality x3

Traps (18)

Cross Counter x3

Battle Mania x3

Staunch Defender x2

D2 Shield x3

Metal Reflect Slime x3

Stronghold the Moving Fortress x2

Dark Bribe x2

That's all for now..

Best Defense is the Best Offense??Perhaps..=)



Key Mouse+ Lockat + Chain Dog = 8 stars synchrone monster??

That's all for now...


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scar Red Nova Dragon vs Ladybug??

Scar Red Nova Dragon
Flying Ladybug

After i saw the picture of Scar Red Nova Dragon...
I looked at it's wings...
i realiased that...

Different Dimension Ground's Story

This card's artwork is part of a series that shows the epic battle between "D.D. Warrior Lady" and "Warrior Dai Grepher". It started ("Simultaneous Loss") when "D.D. Warrior Lady" was still "Warrior Lady of the Wasteland". Then, after her transformation ("Karma Cut"), she returned from the "Different Dimension" ("Different Dimension Gate"), for her revenge ("Dimension Wall"). However, "Warrior Dai Grepher" became evil ("Falling Down") after his return ("Dimensional Inversion") and transformed ("Sakuretsu Armor") into "Dark Lucius".

Note that "D.D. Warrior Lady"'s ATK (1500) is higher than "Dark Lucius LV4"'s (1000), that's why she is winning in this card's artwork. However, "Dark Lucius LV6"'s ATK is 1700, so there's a chance of new cards showing "Dark Lucius's" revenge.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Effect Veiler vs Gemini Monster

Interesting stuff,

You can negate Gemini's treated as NORMAL MONSTER's effect with Effect Veiler.
Yet Effect Veiler will negate de Gemini's whole effect till end phase.

Why do so then?

To prevent it from being a normal monster.




Archfiend's Roar

this card can be useful in Scar Red Nova deck??

call out any monster card with archfiend's name??
Like Lancer archfiend..Mad archfiend..intercept archfiend
to synchrone summon monster??

or call out Red Dragon Archfiend for
Scar Red Nova Dragon??or Majesty Red Dragon??

That's all for now...


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Star Strike Blast

Whoa...there are some cars is freaking crazy in these booster...
we can say Bye Bye to GB...
Large trap hole....
Best is when your opponent special summons with Gyzarus, then chain it and everything is lost..same name monster from deck or hand will send to the graveyard...
Dangerous to GB...
and no more rescue from rescue cat..LoL

And say hallo to our new monarch!!!Dirg the Dark Monarch...
something same like Light Monarch but Effect is stronger in outgame 2 cards from opponent's graveyard and burn opponent's deck by send 2 more cards from their deck..
although it canot attack...but it can remove stardust or stardust buster while they are in the graveyard...1 more thing...Lightlord deck will got a new enermy...burning lightlord deck and prevent judgement dragon come out..OMG!!!!!

and Glowup bulb is a new friend of lightlord and dandy-warrior deck???
insist of throw card to the can synchro because it is a tuner...better than zombie carrier??or spore??haha..

Powertool Dragon is getting stronger soon? because quite a number of equip cards in this booster... maybe in the future powertool will be stronger....

will me meet many Scar-Red nova dragon after these???
Hope so~~~

That's all for today..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mind Crush - Must declare the name 100% same???

< "It's been established from prior from Curtis and statements from offical sources that KDE does not wish Yugioh to be a game of memory. Based on that I personally require on such card effects that the player only needs to differentiate the card from any other card in the game by whatever means.

If the player says,"The Warrior that you tribute to destroy a monster on the field that begins with an "E", is an Earth monster, and has a bunch of people on the picture... ...(Do you know what is that? I know...)"... ... that description differentiates it from any other card in the game ans is acceptable.

It's obvious by that explaination that the player knows perfectly well what the card "is" that they want to proclaim but just can't remember the exact name or how to pronunce it... again, we are not trying to make it a game of verbal pronunciation or memory of names of cards.">
From John Danker at

So, just discard your "Scrap Tuner 4 Star Dog"!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ceasefire Effect wit Flip Monster

A Flip Effect Monster is an Effect Monster with "Flip:" in its test. "Nightmare Penguin" and Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo" lack this text, so they are not Flip Effect onster. Thus, when a face-down "Nightmare Penguin" is flipped by "Ceasefire", its effect will active.

Got it!?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful Book Of Moon Fat Version

Dimensional Prison:
If "Book of Moon" is used on an attacking monster, then that monster is no longer considered to be an attacking monster. Thus, if "Book of Moon" is Chained to an effect like "Dimensional Prison" or "Sakuretsu Armor" and changes the monster to face-down Defense Position, then the effect of "Sakuretsu Armor" does not resolves, so the attacking monster is not destroyed (or removed from play, and so on)

Refers to OCG ruling posted at Konami YGO FAQ section. Sakuretsu Armor.

Battle Fader:
If "Battle Fader" is Special Summoned by its effect and then flipped face-down by an effect like "Book of Moon", then the effect "If this card is removed from the field, then it is removed from play." of "Battle Fader" is no longer applied.

If a monster is Special Summoned by "Rekindling" and then flipped face-down by an effect like "Book of Moon", then the effect of "Rekindling" is no longer applied, so the monster will not be removed from play during the End Phase

Shiny Black "C":
If an effect like "Book of Moon" is chained to the effect of "Shiny Black "C"" so that the Synchro Monster is face-down when resolving the effect of "Shiny Black "C"", then "Shiny Black "C"" will not destroy the face-down monster.

Future Visions:
If "Book of Moon" is chained to the effect of "Future Visions" so that the monster is no longer face-up when "Future Visions" resolves, then the face-down monster is still removed from play. However, the monster will be removed from play face-up, because the monster removed from play by "Future Visions" is always removed from play face-up.

<=The most important of all=>
When the Turn Player Sets a Spell/Trap/Monster Card by the effect of "Book of Moon"/"The Shallow Grave"/etc or from the hand, he may not use Priority to activate the Ignition Effect of a monster.
If the Turn Player does not use Priority to activate an Ignition or a Spell Speed 2+ Effect in response to the Set, then the opponent can activate a Spell Speed 2+ Effect in response to the Set.
Also, the Turn Player cannot Set multiple cards simultaneously - he must Set one, then pass Priority, and then Set the second, etc~

Rulings oh Rulings.

Situation 1:
Player A declares attack with GB Laquari
Player B's backrow is empty with only one monster SET on the field.
Player A activates Compulsory Evacuation Device in respond to Laquari's attack to return Player B's set monster back to his hand.

So, what happen next is, can Player B respond to Laquari's direct attack with Battle Fader??

Situation 2:
If there's a set magic/trap on Player B's field, example like Dimensional Prison, can Player B activates it now in respond to Laquari's direct attack after the set monster is being returned to Player B's hand due to the activation of Compulsory Evacuation Device?

Or Player B must activate it as soon as Laquari declare its attack?
Do Player A has the priority to activate Compulsory Evacuation Device when he declares attack with Laquari?

Compulsory Evacuation Device caused a changed in the number of monsters on Player B's field, a replay will occur - Player A will have to re-declare his attack with GB Laquari.

During a replay, only a reselection of attack target happens. It does not revert back to Attack Declaration. This results in both Battle Fader and Dimensional Prison being unable to fulfill the condition for activation.

Notes on Situation 2:
You can chain Dimensional Prison to Compulsory Evacuation Device when the opponent declares attack.

Question 3:
When my opponent discard two Machina Fortress to the grave, can I Remove From Play the special summoned Machina Fortress with D.D. Crow when my opponent choose it?Or maybe i can only activates D.D. Crow's effect after Machina Fortress is being special summoned?

For Question 3, the special summoning of Machina Fortress does not start a Chain Link, hence D.D. Crow cannot be activated in response. That is to say that the action of discarding two Machina Fortress to fulfill the summoning condition of one of them is a whole action and cannot be interrupted. This is similar to how you're unable to activate D.D. Crow in response to the Light/Dark monsters that were removed to fulfill the summoning condition of Chaos Sorcerer.

Situation:Player A used Brain Control to snatch Player B's Machina Gearframe and equip it to Player A's Machina Fortress.

Question:During end phase, will the Machina Gearframe return to Player B (owner)'s field?

Answer: No

Opponent activates Trap Dustshoot during Player A's draw phase, you see all the cards in opponents hand, can you write down in your notebook or small piece of paper everycard in his hand so you won't forget??

Note taking is only for recording of Life Points.Not for recording of the content in opponent's hand.Right after revealing opponent's hand due to an effect, the cards in opponent's hand are no longer public knowledge.In this situation, recording of the content in opponent's hand is equivalent to revealing the content in opponent's hand for an extended period, this action is deemed to be unfair.

Reference: OCG Official Asia Forum
Thanks to Mods小肥&小謎, Akira, Grimlock and Ziziyo for their help & guidance.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kepong Food Court - Trishula Tournament 04/07/10

Deck used: Frog Monarch
1st Match: Vs Frog Monarch - Micheal Match
Round 1: It is a very dangeroues match... i tot i can counter the game by using Ceasefire but throw away by his Spiritual of Water - AOI...
Round 2: Luckily i can use the Frog Combo at the 1st turn... and win by use Ceasefire!!! (Good Card...)
Round3: Frog Combo again and beatdown by my monarch... dun let him have chance...

2nd Match: Vs BF - Revenger Match
*He defeated me in World Tournament in 1st Round!!!!
Round 1: I used Frog Combo and made a Wall... but destroyed by his Icarus... luckily still win...

Round 2: I let him beat down by 1 Stardust, 1 DarkArm and... DIE...
Round 3: He used his side card... Royal Oppression but i still manage to kill him... I made my revenge~

3rd Match: vs Lightlord - Sam Match
Round 1: Dun let him hav the chance to cum out Judgement Dragon... and... 4got liao...
Round 2: He side his deck and won wit his Judgement Dragon...
Round 3: I made a very big mistake and omos lose... let him left 100HP... haiz... but luckily won wit my Leng Zai... Gorz the Emissary Darkness

The Gag Father--YunKang


Boon问:"Frog那么Q 哪里会狼??"
ShinTat答:"你没听过 Q太郎(狼) 吗??"


Thursday, July 1, 2010

The crow will fly around us soon~~~

Crow's Duelist Pack is out in 16 of October!!!!
Bad news for those seller cause the price of the BF's cards will drop..
but the card will down grade also....
Rare for sirocco??xD
normal card or Vayu???
really cant imagine la...
but 1 thing is...BF deck will be more common than now...
maybe everyone own a BF deck...
In the other one everybody will side "holy Light" in their side deck...xD

yusei's dulist pack 3 will out in the same day too..
if not mistaken starlight road and effect veiler will included too=)

so is it a good new or a bad new???