Saturday, August 21, 2010

formula synchron and main phase


mean if its effect active at C1 you can negate the special summon when the synchro monster is come out(same like urgent tuning and ultimate offering)

1 more main phase ruling



mean when i changing my phase(mean passing priority) and opponent active quick effect card,after the effect resolve,i still remain at main phase,i still can set card / summon ++

this ruling is exist in wiki,mean this is official =D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Doom day for Dragunity...

R.I.P. to Dragunity....
new rulling for Dragunity Aklys..
If the monster equipped with Dragunity Aklys leave the field before the equipped card Dragunity Aklys...Dragunity Aklys's effect will not active...


When the monster is remove from field...Dragunity Aklys not treat as equipped monster anymore..
So the effect is not apply...

No more Dragunity Laevatein combo with Dragunity Aklys...
When you see people remove from play monster equipping with Dragunity Aklys..and he want to use the effect of Dragunity Aklys...please stop him...(don't shoot la =) be polite~)

So...bye bye to Dragunity~

For more reference you can go to :-


(Chinese)[A China guy phone to Japan Konami and ask..and it is confirmed]


new rulinggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just confirm by wiki(some china guy phone to jp and ask to get the answer)

dragunity aklys

if the monster equip with dragunity aklys LEAVE THE FIELD FIRST, ITS EFFECT WILL NOT ACTIVE !
(reason is because when the monster is remove from field,aklys is not treat as equiped monster anymore)

no more RFP 1 monster equip with iklys to special summon laevatein, and then destroy opponent card.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Story of Quickdraw Deck =)

When stress come to you....what to do??
Yu Gi Oh will help you..xD
recently getting so tired because of homework and assignment...
everyday from 8am to 6pm to attend class....3 hour per course..sometime class till 6.30pm..
then need to squeeze yourself in the train...haiz...
I only can touch my Deck during the night...Do some thinking some combo before i sleep..
wana go duel with someone but timetable for everyday is so pack...
1 of my friend is same to me now....i think he even worse than me...that is Kuz...
enjoy playing Yu Gi Oh with him..=)
back to Yu Gi Oh...dandy still work well without heavy storm and brain control....
Anyhow Trishula still can out easily as usual...maybe monster reborn help a lot also...
Debris Dragon, Dandylion and Quick Synchone is the best combo for me...
There are some experience from me...that make me unforgettable...

Drill Warrior+Scrap Dragon+Tytannial, Princess of Camellias in my second turn...

Trishula+Stardust Dragon+Tytannial, Princess of Camellias...
2700+2500+2800=8000 coincidence!!!playing Dandy Warrior is fun for me...
i got the same feeling when i am playing E hero Deck during the GX series...
something like....Miracle will appear in anytime??a monster you like had summoned??
those who like HERO..i think you know what i am talking about..
just like the feeling that i summon E Hero Shinning Flamewingman in the very 1st time...
and i summon E Hero Absolute Zero when i am in danger...
That kind of happiness and unexplainable~~^^
If you got the same feeling with your deck...Congratez~
Is hard to meet your right deck...hate people only care about winning..
care about which is the strongest deck..and follow the deck list...
Although my dandy warrior is Meta deck as well....but i enjoy the process of building it...=3
From no dandylion to dandylion...

How i summon Drill Warrior without Dandylion??
Haha..Quick Synchon+Quillbolt Hedgehog+Level Eater...(Find out yourself??)

How about Stardust Dragon and Scrap Dragon??
Debris Dragon+Quillbolt Hedgehog+Quillbolt Hedgehog or
Debris Dragon+Quillbolt Hedgehog+Hero Kid..

How about Black Rose??
Debris Dragon+Mashmallow or
Debris Dragon+Card Trooper or
Debris Dragon+Spirit Reaper

and no Tytannial, Princess of Camellias and Spore that time...
only Drill Warrior as a attacker and Stardust Dragon as a shield...

Can't you all see the growth of my deck??I'm not following people's list...I build it myself by little and little...=)

That's all for today..story of my deck~

I wana Duel now~!!!!!!!!Duel fever now!!!><


我的心声(my heart feeling)

my immortal bushi T_T
sept list make your deck weaker T_T
royal oppression --> 1
WTF? people keep spam monster lo? my deck only 1 monster kill by this card ahhh
monster reborn--> 1 more card to revive monster ! but royal oppression only got 1 ! not enough man !
heavy storm replace with smt still ok with it ( i only scare zombie world / DD )
starlight road--> graveyard can not have other attribute = =(recently only got dark hole to let people active starlight road in my deck xD)

the day you wake up is the day when got powerfull level 9 synchro monster with warrior attribute...(if the tuner required warrior attribute then is a bit tough)

Thought after banlist and what happened to my dandy warrior

Whoa~~new banlist is out...
seriously no more Mr froggy any more..Do you all happy??
But i got no feels...because i just care about Dandy~
So no heavy storm will block the gear of OTK...
Treeborn unlimited...but...without substitoad...what can it do??
Dark Hole and Monster Reborn is back...surprise~!!!
what i need to do monster reborn with my brain control..
cold wave exchange with heavy storm...and wait the starlight road~~
Why no Dark Hole??Erm....i got stardust dragon..i got starlight road...=)
and i don't want to too depends on Dark Hole..for sure it will be ban again in march banlist..
so just forget about it~
Mystical Space Typhoon is back to 2~happy for me~same to Chaos Sorcerer~
Dear Lightlord Chaos time~with Judgment, Dark Arm, Chaos Sorcerer~hahaha..
just like last time they did..=)
Sniper Hunter is semi-limited...answer from me.....SO??we can just put it in because he can kill stardust dragon...=.=
Finally we can call out Cyber End Dragon once again~~GX still the best series~~
Royal Oppression is limited...Machiner will go wild??Dandy warrior also??
i just got 1 comment about it...Dandy will go VERY wild because Black Rose is UNLIMITED...!!!!!
Black Rose OTK is bac??=.=
Aki Izayol is back~

I think after this banlist...a stable deck and skill are needed..Question of us after this banlist...
"How can i end opponent without heavy storm to clear his magic trap??"

Answer....Trap stun,Royal Decree,Giant Trunade, Malevolent Catastrophe...etc

Still got other ways..don't always think about Heavy Storm...let bygone be bygone~
Let's face the whole new Yu Gi Oh's world~~

That's all for today~


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Banlist september~

Banned :

Rescue Cat
Heavy Storm
Brain Control


Black Whirlwind
Royal Oppression
Infernity Gun
Monster Reborn
Dark Hole


Mystical Space Typhoon
Chaos Sorcerer
Snipe Hunter
Ojama Trio
Magic Cylinder


Black Rose Dragon
Goblin Zombie
Cyber Dragon
Treeborn Frog
United We Stand
Royal Decree

Woohooo~~~Dandy is safe~and say bye bye to frog~
I think all playing trap and magic le...
since no heavy storm...=.=
and Dark Hole and Monster Reborn...why you 2 there?!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Erm...What happened in WC2010~

Round 1
Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong) VS Kevin Lau (New Zealand)
Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong) wins

Tae Woo Kim (South Korea) VS Rodrigo Togores (Spain)
Tae Woo Kim (South Korea) wins

Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) VS Ewan O’Keefe (Australia)
Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) wins

Alvin Lim (Philippines) VS Stefano Memoli (Italy)
Stefano Memoli (Italy) wins

Benjamin Tan (Singapore) VS Galileo De Obaldia (Panama)
Galileo De Obaldia (Panama) wins

Jeremy Chua (Singapore) VS Hideki Kawai (Japan)
Hideki Kawai (Japan) wins

She Wei Hao (Taiwan) VS Chris Arantes (USA)
Chris Arantes (USA) wins

Thanin Siripojanakul (Thailand) VS Kei Kuwano (Japan)
Kei Kuwano (Japan) wins
Round 2

Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong) VS Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia)
Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) wins

Tae Woo Kim (South Korea) VS Chris Arantes (USA)
Tae Woo Kim (South Korea) wins

Jeremy Chua (Singapore) VS Alvin Lim (Philippines)
Alvin Lim (Philippines) wins

She Wei Hao (Taiwan) VS Benjamin Tan (Singapore)
She Wei Hao (Taiwan) wins

Thanin Siripojanakul (Thailand) VS Ewan O’Keefe (Australia)
Thanin Siripojanakul (Thailand) wins

Round 3

Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong) VS Stefano Memoli (Italy)
Stefano Memoli (Italy) wins

Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) VS Galileo De Obaldia (Panama)
Galileo De Obaldia (Panama) wins

Benjamin Tan (Singapore) VS Ewan O’Keefe (Australia)
Benjamin Tan (Singapore) wins

Jeremy Chua (Singapore) VS Stefano Sluis (Netherlands)
Stefano Sluis (Netherlands) wins

She Wei Hao (Taiwan) VS Yuma Watanabe (Japan)
She Wei Hao (Taiwan) wins

Thanin Siripojanakul (Thailand) VS Daniel LaMartina (USA)
Thanin Siripojanakul (Thailand) wins

Alvin Lim (Philippines) VS Chris Arantes (USA)
Chris Arantes (USA) wins

Tae Woo Kim (South Korea) VS Hideki Kawai (Japan)
Hideki Kawai (Japan) wins

Round 4

Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong) VS Sean Montague (USA)
Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong) wins

Tae Woo Kim (South Korea) VS Galileo De Obaldia (Panama)
Galileo De Obaldia (Panama) wins

Alvin Lim (Philippines) VS Juan Pablo Vera (Argentina)
Juan Pablo Vera (Argentina) wins

Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) VS Sebastian Gonzalez (Belgium)
Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) wins

Benjamin Tan (Singapore) VS Daniel LaMartina (USA)
Daniel LaMartina (USA) wins

Jeremy Chua (Singapore) VS Kevin Lau (New Zealand)
Jeremy Chua (Singapore) wins

She Wei Hao (Taiwan) VS Stefano Memoli (Italy ? 6 points)
She Wei Hao (Taiwan) wins

Thanin Siripojanakul (Thailand) VS Vincent Paglia (USA)
Vincent Paglia (USA) wins

Final round

Luk Chi Hang (Hong Kong) VS Yuma Watanabe (Japan)
Yuma Watanabe (Japan) wins

Tae Woo Kim (South Korea) VS Shogo Tanaka (Japan)
Tae Woo Kim (South Korea) wins

Alvin Lim (Philippines) VS Sean Montague (USA)
Sean Montague (USA) wins

Tan Sung Lee (Malaysia) VS Aaron Noel (Canada)
Aaron Noel (Canada)

Benjamin Tan (Singapore) VS Daniel LaMartina (USA)
Daniel LaMartina (USA) wins

Jeremy Chua (Singapore) VS Ewan O’Keefe (Australia)
Jeremy Chua (Singapore) wins

She Wei Hao (Taiwan) VS Stefano Sluis (Netherlands)
She Wei Hao (Taiwan) wins

Thanin Siripojanakul (Thailand) VS Rodrigo Togores (Spain)
Rodrigo Togores (Spain) wins

TOP 8 Finalist
1. Kei Kuwano (Japan)
2. Hideki Kawai (Japan)
3. Aaron Noel (Canada)
4. She Wei Hao (Taiwan)
5. Galileo De Obaldia (Panama)
6. Vincent Paglia (USA)
7. Tae Woo Kim (South Korea)
8. Stefano Sluis (Netherlands)

TOP 4 Finalist
1.Kei Kuwano (Japan)
2.Galileo De Obaldia (Panama)
3.Vincent Paglia (USA)
4.Tae Woo Kim (South Korea)

Kei Kuwano vs Galileo De Obaldia
Galileo De Obaldia wins

Vincent Paglia vs Tae Woo Kim
Vincent Paglia wins

Galileo De Obaldia vs Vincent Paglia
Galileo De Obaldia wins!!!

Bravo to Frog FTK~

world championship 2010

frog FTK champ!!!
imba cold wave black rose stand LADD

lucky i sell all frogs already xD
all frog ready to limit~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Magician of Faith & Black Hole

My feeling after see this 2 cards might open back from banlist in September 2010 was......GS03 2011 might reprint this cards!!!

Example:monster reborn~ konami open it for 6 months then GS01 reprint this card

Yu-Gi-Oh! WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2010 Top8 and Decks

Venue: Long Beach Convention Center

Date: 14/8/2010~15/8/2010

Top 8 Deck

1. Kei Kuwano (Japan – 13 points/Perfect Herald)

2. Hideki Kawai (Japan – 13 points/Frog Monarch)

3. Aaron Noel (Canada – 12 points/Black Feathers)

4. She Wei Hao (Taiwan – 12 points/Frog Monarch)

5. Galileo De Obaldia (Panama – 12 points/Frog FTK)

6. Vincent Paglia (USA – 9 points/Black Feathers)

7. Tae Woo Kim (South Korea – 9 points/Black Feathers)

8. Stefano Sluis (Netherlands – 9 points/Infernity)

Perfect Herald get the 1st ranking place in Top 8!!!
Will it continue to the end to be the World Champion's Deck??
And feel surprise Frog FTK manage to get in to Top 8...and Infernity survive without Trishula..
Bravo~and as usual...majority are the BF's..
Personally i support Frog Monarch because it is stable...but i think Perfect Herald can handle it~
Because Perfect Herald counter anything to block Frog form their formation~
Hope can know the news soon...><

negate special summon

urgent tuning,ultimate offering

if both of this cards active at C1,after the effect resolve and summon 1 monster,the summon can be negate =)

wondering is formula synchron is in the same situation or not xD
ruling havent got yet
accel synchro? solemn you !

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leaked Banlist??

Rescue Cat

XX saber Faultroll
Magician of faith
Infernity Gun
Black whirlwind
Royal Opression
Bottomless trap hole

Semi restricted:
Infernity Archfiend
Spirit Reaper
Snipe hunter
BF shura the blue flame
Machina Gearframe
Goyo guardian
Destiny Draw
Swords of revealing light
Magic cylinder

Cyber dragon
United we stand

Oh no~!!!!why Trishula not in the list???i think my prediction is correct...Konami wana add it in Gold Series 2011...just like Brionaic in Gold Series 2009...
Many old cards get release from limited...and pity to Dandylion....and froogy~

Last words from me...."I want my Dandylion back~~!!!!!"


Monday, August 9, 2010

Ah geezus///

I'm painting alot of flowers now.... 0146AM

I dun even think tat it'll drag for so LONG~!!

And suddenly Naturia POP OUT from my mind.....

WoW.... Sunflower is so cute!

GEEZ... enuf of Clive,

Back to my mini studio....

Anyway, well done team, i can't make it to the tourney coz of all this works.....



8/8/2010 Kepong Tournament

Deck used: Final Countdown

1st match vs Uncle lightlord again...xD (Lightlord)

Revenge to Uncle Lightlord of yesterday duel...
1st Round--nothing more...just defense and deck destruction with Book of Eclipse and his own monster's effect...xD
2nd Round--Same like 1st round...(get scolded cause he can't attacks me..=.=)

2nd match vs MK~ (BF)

same place, same seat, same opponent and same decks using by us..a bit deceitful =.=

1st Round--Final countdown in hand in 1st turn...waboku,battle fader, Threatening Roar...all supporting in defense...Win~
2nd Round..battle fader 3 get outgame with his trap...after i special summon from hand...and Blackwing - Bora the Spear keep on inflicts damage to last killed by...brionaic...with many crow...
3rd Round--Final countdown in 1st turn..after that Lava Golem summon on his field but Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn come out by releasing Lava Golem...(sigh) pump and pump last turn i mirror force but get counter by Solem Judgement...nothing to say but really a good game=)

3rd Match--Ah Tung (Crazy guy from ipoh) (BF)

Erm....His poker face is funny to me..
1st round with Final Countdown defense and he keep on set cards andsummon BF...but cant attacks me...Icarus attack in wrong timing and wrong card..2oth turns = win =)
2nd Turn i cant get my Final Countdown...but Lava Golem in hands...special summon on his field..he cant remove my Lava Golem because he don't have Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawnto release my Lava Golem and can't tune my Lava with 8 star..after his 8th turn..0 life point left..Win

4th match--Mr Unknown

1st Round--only see him with 2 breaker...then all set card..Lava Golem summon on his field...then 8 turn..he lose..
2nd Turn..breaker again..same thing...Lava Golem summon by release his breaker and another set monster..and he summon Rai-oh after that..Royal Oppressionface up after point deduct till 1200...torrential tribute by back Final after 20th turn..

5th match--Sung Lee (Gigavis Plant)

1st turn win with Final Countdown...20th turn win although he got many monsters on his field...Infernity Dragon,Giga Plant,Powertool and Another Giga plant...Sorry...can't attack peace=)
2nd Turn he side some card...i think he but another Royal Decree =.= call out all his big guys attack in the same time with Solem Judgement..GG-ed...Lose...
3rd turn bad hands...althought i get Final Countdown after that....he call out scrap dragon, brionaic, Goyou and field only left 1 monster and Sword of Light...get cyclone and scrap dragon destroy my monster...OTK-ed..

3 win 2 lose...ranking 16/42..satisfy enough in today performance and meet many decks..
play with Soliel when the other players still carry on their duel...with Dandy Warrior..
OO Soliel using Dragunity deck...
1st game..stardust and drill attack til the end...
2nd game mind control his only Dragunity Arms Laevatein in his field with equipped Dragunity Aklys..level eater eat Laevatin (8>>7) then call out lone fire blossom and special summon spore and synchro summon stardust..he bad hands and no monster in field...

Fun Fun Fun a lot today...Sam and Alex came today too....Sam won the 1st place and Alex get 2nd...(without duel) xD not bad la Sam's deck...Frog with 2 play style...synchro and Mass Driver..

That's all for now..

Sunday, August 8, 2010

8/8/2010 Kepong Food Court Tournament

Deck used: Froggie Monarch

2day's match got alot strong ppl...
it is nto easy to win this match 2day...
But the spirit of Team Acrobaleno can't stopped by this!!!
LCW, Alpreme, 鱼缸, and me join the match... oters busy wit their assignment and study... Gambateh!!!!

I won 4 Quilifier Match 2day and lose 1 to Ah Sam from SG... Frog Synchron + OTK/FTK
In the 4 matchs, i fight wit "Sung Li's Fren", Sung Li, Zac, and "4got..."...

1st match:XOO, Sung Li's Fren, Quickdraw Dandy
I got bad hand in 1st round... 4 emperror... and lose... but luckily i won the rest 2 round with my frog combo!!!

2nd match:XOO, Sung Li, Equip Plant
1st round... let him OTK... thn i noe how to play wit him liao...
Its very hard to win but luckily 2day my hand cards quite helpful...
and Sung Li make mistake in his game wit me... else he win le!!!

3rd match:XX, Ah Sam, Frog
vs Sam... haiz... 1st game let him out 2 trishula... and lose...
2nd round, i outgame his cards! make him cant do anything
but he win at last bcaz not enuf time... count turn (2 turns) and sudden death... i lose(his deck left 2 cards!!!!!!)... T.T

4th match:OO, 4got, Dark Deck
this guy sold me card yesterday... and 2day i fight wit him
he tot i use dark deck... but when i use frogs... shock him!!!
win wit 2 rounds!!!

5th match:OXO, Zac, BF
1st round i won Zac wit frog Combo...
2nd round i lose to him after he side deck... OMG!!! all used to stop Froggie and Monarch de!!!
3rd round luckily i won wit my side... ROYAL DECREE!!! and stop his plan... Win!!! Get into Top 8!!!

6th match:OO, MK, BF
1st round i win wit Frog Combo...
2nd round i straight side the RoyalDecree... since he is Zac's fren... his side deck might same oso... luckily i can use it in 1st turn... and make him cant do anything... even he set Morphing Jar and chged hand cards... i used AOI to c his hand... and win him wit noeing his hand cards...

7th match:XX, Ah Sam...
1st round... OTK...
2nd round... OTK... Not Shocked me, bcaz his deck and skill really geng...

8th match: OXX, Micheal, OTK/FTK + Synchron Frog
1st round i win while he having bad hand... lucky!!!
2nd and 3rd round (Lazy to write)... let him OTK lo... Frog ma...

So i get 4th place in this Tournament...
But i learned alot!!!!! But froggie hav to face the fate of ban list in September... hope it still can survive... T.T

aug tourney

Deck used: AG Dragon Machiner

1st match: Gigavis plant

1st round-Since this is my first time using this deck, i'm not so familiar with this deck, so when my first turn comes, i quickly special summoned out AG Dragon by destroying Geartown with Cyclone. Then i set one card down(Foolish Burial since my hand doesn't have any trap cards). Turn end.

My opponent turn. OMG, 4 monsters swarmed the field already(Power Tool, 2 Giga Plant and another one i forgot what monster is that), then suddenly he activates Mark Of The Rose, AG Dragon on his side. I tried to bluff him, but that doesn't work on him. In the end, OTK

2nd round-Due to bad hand, he can't do anything.

3rd round-My opponent keep on defencing until his 2 Giga Plant got beaten by my 2 Machiner Fortress.

2nd match: Same as my deck(Wei Yin)

1st round-I keep on pressuring him by summoning out Machina Fortress(MF for short) as fast i can since he's using the same deck as i.

2nd round-Wow, i believe this round is the quickest win i ever had.My hand card: Geartown, Terraforming, Machina Gearframe(MG), a monster and limiter removal. I got an OTK with MG, MF and AG Dragon(ATK doubled due to limiter removal) and my opponent has only green gadget on his field.

3rd match: Machina again(Alpreme)

1st round-I got lucky because i would have lose if i don't have monsters. 2 monsters vs dimension prison at the end.

2nd round-This time, we both have MF with MG equipped and 1 set card. My turn, i draw double cyclone, so i destroy my MG and the set card on Alpreme's field. Man, he tricked me with Trap Dust Shoot. At the end, 2 MF(One of them rivived by Living Dead that i set just now) and Yellow Gadget vs MF with MG.

4th match: Frog Monarch(Sunny)

1st round-Sunny got me with his formation. Flip, return, attack...and with monarchs.

2nd round-Same with 1st round.

Results: 3 wins 1 lose

Ranking: 2nd

Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 aug tourney

deck use :machina gadget

1st:play with some synchro deck
1)he got lots of cards cannot destroy by battle and those cards effect with"when this cards if destroy by battle then you can special summon XXXX" but i got fissure and smash ground kill him = =
2)same with 1st match

2nd:oracle of sun deck with anti - meta cards
1st:wow,1st time play with this deck,don know this deck well,he keep jump oracle of sun with def 2k and hard to kill him = =,and he got those battle fader,raioh,effect veiler,DD crow to cancel my combo,die with don know his deck well = =
2nd:start counter back,he hand got those battle fader and the new booster card that end battle phase instanlly,but that time my field full with monster and kill him.
3rd: side cyber dragon....attack 2.1k,can kill his oracle of sun xD

3rd: AG machina (my friend)
1st: this match very excited,he keep double cyclone my back field ! and call A G dragon to kill me ! mid game i press back him and both of our lp is around 1k, field only got traps,then gamble see who got monster.... but finally he jumps 2 monster and my UB cant block all his attack = =.
2nd: (i no system down and that cyber-fusion monster but he got that fusion monster,keep wish him can't draw cyber dragon) lose due to keep pressing my field.

4rd: machina with AG and some synchro (joshua)
1st:trap dust shoot,hand got heavy storm and cards with otk him.
2nd:also trap dust shoot again,but he got back field to protect him and i don have heavy storm and no trap to protect my monster,so let him win instanlly with limited removal.(one funny case happen is his field got zombie world,suppose he can't active limited removal because his monster is zombie type.... but both of us forget this,after this match uncle michael say our monster is zombie then both of us only realise,but actually he got cards to destroy that zombie world so no matter how i also will lose = =)
3rd:start game and mid game we press each other field,but near end game his fortress step my bottomless traphole,see his hand card due to he target my fortress, after throw away his monster only leave 1 call of haunted and 1 limited removal.Can't end him with the following turn, then destiny draw ! ( i forget what cards = =)but can't clear my field and i win the match.

ranking: 3

Magicians and Scrap

Seriously, after one whole month, i started pretty badly in this card game. Again.

Magician, Blizzard Princess sure loves me a whole lot, popping out double per opening hand is a bad one.

And my brain rusted, its filled with painting and sketching,

where's YugiOh?

Me : How old r ya Mr. Michael?
Michael: 18 pairs~
Me: 18 pairs? 18 ers old?
Michael: 18 PAIRS!!!!
Me: O_O
Michael: EIGHTEEN!!! PAIRS!!!

One of our hidden member made a Scrap Deck, i've tested in the Locals today.

Serve me right for starting the deck away without practicing.

The first duel with Zack is torturing. BF is as stunning as ever.

And right next is Mr Not Karl Lim, with his Sung Lee Max Gigavise Ver.

And i saw bunch of duelists who keep on blame his deck for not giving him good hand and resulted in a lost.

I too blamed it on my bad hand. =p

But overall i'm nt quite sastified with my own performance today.

It's really bad to play like this, but the real life is hectic.

Give me sometime, i'm waiting for X-sabers.

Magicians imma polish, i think i know where's the glitch of the deck.

DAD + Blizzard Princess + CHaos Sorcerer = 7900 LOLS!!!

Scrap Crazy Orochi Dragon is GAY.

Thats all folks~


( i'm still here lols, gotcha LGQ ! )


Juz when u discourage someone and say him sux, he get 2nd in de local tour.

Juz like whn some guy who said our team sux.

Anyhow still, Jason Pak sux.


( juz joking, dun take it seriously, plz. )

7/8/10 sungai wang duelist ID ranking competition

game 1:vs Ah Lim(synchro deck)
set1:i was lucky to make my graveyard having 4 types of Lightlords in few rounds ...and judgement was in my hand when the game start
Me:6200LP Ah Lim:8000LP
my hand:chaos sorcerer,judgement dragon,zombie carrier,monster reincarnation,cyber dragon
my field:nil
my graveyard:4 types of Lightlord monsters,1 judgement dragon, nil dark type monster,1 honest, and magic/ trap cards

Ah Lim's field:4 dandy tokens, 1 set magic/trap card

I special summon ''judgement dragon'' and use its effect...destroy all his dandy tokens but he chains ''call of the haunted'' and pull ''dandy lion'' and left another 2 tokens

Me:5200LP Ah Lim:8000LP
mistake 1:i use ''monster reincarnation'' to take back another ''judgement dragon'' from graveyard...but i use ''cyber dragon'' as cost instead of using ''zombie carrier''.
Then, i use 1 more time ''judgement dragon'' effect to destroy his another 2 tokens

Me:4200LP Ah Lim:8000LP
mistake 2:i forgot i can't end his game just by 2 ''judgement dragon'' attack...then i have to summon ''zombie carrier'' first b4 i special summon my second ''judgement dragon''...Then i have to use another 1 more time ''judgement dragon'' effect to destroy ''zombie carrier'' so that my graveyard got 1 type of dark monster and i can special summon ''chaos sorcerer''

Me:3200LP Ah Lim:8000LP
After this i special summon ''chaos sorcerer'' and second ''judgement dragon''...and i able to make 8300 damage to him and i win the first game..

game 2:vs Shin Tat(frog monarch)

game 3:vs Zack(BF)

game 4:vs Kuz(scrap deck)

results: 2 wins 2 loses

Sungai Wang Tournament 7/8/2010 try with my QuickDandy..

1st Game...Sunny Tat =.= (Frog Mornach)

1st round....Bad hand....he did his froggy formation...Lose...
2nd Round..Don't want side anything since he is my team mate..and i know side also useless gua (maybe)...=)

2nd Game...Ah Lim..(LoL)(Quickdraw dandy)
Before we know the opponent list we played 3 games....after the list out...we have to duel again...**vomit**


1st Round..Drill Warrior out...control the game with stardust and Camellias...
2nd Round ..Bad hands....dandy hide in my deck don't want come out...=( Kill back from his camellias...and mist worm...
3rd Round..Scrap Dragon control the game...Dril warrior keep on provide bullet for Scrap Dragon (with Dandylion helps) =)

3rd Game Uncle Lightlord (Lightlord)
1st Round..only got rykoo and it meet eileen...>< Hand cards wit Zombie Carrier and spore....(sad) but manage to stay alive in few turn then clear field with black rose...but.....He got 2 Judgement in hand.....and the lightlord summoner..(sigh)

2nd Round....1st turn summon stardust dragon and negate his Shiny Black C..and call out Drill warrior..2nd turn call out Scrap Dragon ,cyclone the only set card destroy the only set monster(Rykoo) and OTK~

3rd Round...all monster in hands...4 tuners...(OMG) He manage to out Judgement in second turn with the help or solar exchange...keep on clear field and damage me...and 2 Judgement Dragon to kill me again~

4th Game Wei Yin (Geartown Machiner)

1st Round Scrap Dragon and Drill warrior...(2800+2400=5200)..after tat keep by Machiner Fortress effect by attacks my scrap dragon (5500 damage) out Camellias and win the game although i meet dimensional prison...=) (by releasing my token)

2nd Round...He control the game by 2 Machiner Fortress...trying to call out black rose dragon clear field but Solem Judgement by him...hate Gadget~!!!

3rd round...2nd round call out Drill and direct attack (1200) Then his turn call out Ancient Gear Dragon and get bottomless by me My turn call out Camellias and attack his 2 Gadgets ( with Drill) He summon Yellow Gadget and then he set 1 card..(Mirror Force) My Turn i draw...Cyclone!!!!and drill warrior come back and i get Shadow Mornach from graveyard (sorry Dandylion ><)..cyclone his mirror force with a evil smile (xD) and put 1 card on my deck call out zombie carrier...summon Shadow Mornach out game his Gadget then OTK with final attacks (2800+2400+2400) and the 1200 damage just

2 win 2 lose...Change my tournament pack with Cookies...
Deck still not stable enough and Bad hands a lot...

And Congratulation to Sunny Tat get 1st place...King Lee Jun Pak get the 2nd place and Leader Alpreme Goh get the 3rd place...All top 3 winners are our team members...O_O
I think we deserve a place in Sungei Wang right??Mr "Somebody" =)

That's all for today ..



During main phase 1,when the turn player decide to go into other phase,the priority will pass to opponent.IF opponent got active any card effect,the priority will pass back to the turn player and still remain at main phase 1 and the turn player still can play speed spell 1 cards and end main phase 1 go to other phase.

example :

turn player:
hand : fissure
field got 1 monster with 1500 attack

lp : 1500
field only got 1 set card at spell/trap zone.

turn player declare battle,priority now pass to opponent.
opponent active embodiment of apophis.

now priority pass back to turn player,turn player play fissure and go in battle phase again and win the game.

saw this from other forum,welcome to comment if there are any mistake/any thing u want to ask

Thursday, August 5, 2010

ruling time?

For the effect does not target :

trishula :
its effect does not target, why so many people love to choose the to be remove from play when it activate its effect? it should be choose at the resolution of the effect.

search card : rota,machina gearframe ++
many people love to chain bottomless trap hole after the player search the card...but actual ruling should be chain when the effect is activate,so you can call judge to give him 1 warning if he chain after you search the card or not to let him chain the card.

swap frog:
same case with example 2,you must chain when i activate the effect,so i can decide send card from field or from deck =)

Yu Gi Oh cross Gundam Wars..

do you all see a green GUNDAM in yusei's duelist pack?!
Just right beside his leg...
Konami gt no idea to think out new monster??
or they work together with Gundam??
i want to collect the new "gundam" card...
since i m a YuGiOh and Gundam fan..=)