Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thought of Trishula Reprint and Halloween Malaysia 2nd Open

Emo wake up early in the morning then do my side decks and prepared my deck..
Then go Sungai Wang about 10 smth...reach there get a bad news about Trishula reprint...damn down after hear it...!!but if it is Normal Rare i still can accept it but if it is common..i think i will emo quite...EPic la Trishula every where..and it is common..>< (Maybe i will get 1 to collect xP) But really emo after get this new...from Wong Fei Hong somemore..><>st Match vs a guy or uncle?? (Magician)


Round 1: Drill get bottomless trap hole then he call out Blizzard Princess...killed me with Black Magician..
Round 2 : sided and play with him...Drill+stardust+Trishula-ed him and win..
Round 3 : Rush and win..he got no monster on field because of my traps..=)


2nd Match vs a guy with evil smile always..== (Anti Meta)


Round 1 : Drill get bottomless and God Beast King attack me till i die..=( Bad hands)
Round 2 : come out Drill and Stardust in the 1st turn...then next of my turn call out debris he activate Traphole i negate with stardust but the he activate Royal Oppression..a.k.a. Lose...=(


3rd match vs Gordon with evil mind (Gigavis)


Round 1: i only call out one Chain Dragon on the filed and no magic trap in hand..(monster hand) Then he call out 3 power tool dragon and 1 black rose and 1 Gigaplant..he cheated me...he outgame 1 plant and tell me my Chain Dragon got 0 attack..i said the monster need to be defense position only can activate this effect..then he said:" aiya..cant cheat you tim" come this world got this evil minded person..=.= but i lose of course..he got ao many mighty guys..><>th Match vs Physic DD Miracle synchrone fusion


Round 1: My fault…I attack him with Drill warrior and get D Prison and got empty field..he summon kycoo and attack me till the end…Emo…

Round 2: he side all 15 cards I damn scare …but I start first so I do my loop 1st…win

Round 3: He miracle synchrone fusion out Ultimate Physicer and attack my dandy..luckily is dandy..left 2 token and he end..i call out debris and tune trishula outgame his Ultimate Physicer..he got no monster and I call out Drill and Stardust attack and win..


5th match vs MK (BF)


Round 1: I do mistake…I lose and emo….

Round 2: mistake again..too nervous and too rush…someone screw me please!!!><

3-2 (bye bye to get a place)

6th match vs Loo Wei Jing..(Sporelord)


Round 1: epic…take his stardust and tune out Shootingstar but get killed by his cherubin and judgment..

Round 2: I negate his Cherubin by Starlight Road then I start my Drill loop and lastly Trishula him and win…

Round 3: Judge call for Sudden death his field got Judgment,Cherubin and Shootingstar Dragon, my field only got 3 fluff token, both life point are 8000 and who get damage and who lose this game…draw lonefire and hand card got Quick Synchrone, Card Trooper and D Prison..i summon out lone fire and call out camellia then special summon Quick synchrone and tune Junk Destroyer to destroy his 3 monsters..Shootingstar Dragon negate the effect but my camellia counter back him and his monster zone is clear..attack with Junk Destroyer and win..his only got 1 set card which is Royal Decree and he next turn draw solar recharge but he got no hand I win..=)

4-2 …. Rank 13

Emo because Andrew is on top of me..he got rank 12..><

But only 2 Dandy deck today which is me and Andrew…mostly are BF, Machiner and Lightlord..And congratez to Michael he win the Malaysia Open twice this year and Happy Birthday to him..Today is Halloween and also Michael’s birthday…EPIC!! Surprisingly today got many non-meta deck and half build BF appear..and only 2 lightbeat deck which is Wong Fei Hong and his friend..Wei Yen is Rainbow Hero Lightbeat..kinda different from the other but he lose many today..he damn emo…

No Perfect Herald today…LOL!!! although we can use promo cards…weird~

Is damn late now..sleepy…and tomorrow got test…let's continue my emoness because of Trishula reprint and today's performence..Zz

A good news of your patient because of reading my long post...Chimera Fortress is reprint in GS03 too...xD

31/10/2010 malaysia yugioh 2nd open

Deck use:sporelord
results:4 wins 2 loses

round 1:vs unknwon guy (horus deck) OO
horus the dark flame + royal decree seal all magics and traps....but my deck all base on monster effect....

round 2:vs Ivan (BF) XX
set 1:royal oppression and black whirwind at hand during first round ended me easily with 6 hands or more
set 2:royal oppression at hand in first few turns...

round 3:vs unknown guy (non-meta deck)XOO
set 1:''gorz the emissary of darkness''+my garoth attack value(gorz token)+''dark armed dragon''+krebon OTK me
set 2:''AOJ catorstar'' save my day
set 3:synchro monsters +'' judgement dragon'' save my day

round 4:vs andrew (quick draw dandy) OO
set 1:his mistake save me...
set 2:both side bad hand for few hand cards:3 solar recharge+2 judgement dragon,.....after 1 lightlord monster come my hand cards completely changed...i synchro summon ''black rose dragon'' to clear his field but he activates ''divine wrath'' to negate my black rose....then i special summon 2 ''judgement dragon'' to end him

round 5:vs LGQ (hero beat) OXO
set 2:his hero spawn fast and end me fast
set 3:my mistake i synchro summon ''brionac, the ice barrier dragon'' then straight throw 2 hands...then he use ''effect veiler'' to negate my brionac effect....then my hand cards was 0....and i was lucky to destiny draww ''judgement dragon'' at my next turn==...judgement dragon save my day

round 6:vs sean (BF) XOX
set 2:''royal decree'' make his trap all sealed
set 3:my ''royal decree'' didnt come to me and his backfields was full with ''solemn judgement'' and ''starlight road''

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moja deck

22 Monsters:
3x moja
3x moja king
3x ryko, the lightsworns hunter
3x key mouse
3x super nimble mega hamster
3x beast striker
2x kinka-byo(きん)華()猫(びょ)
1x grow up bulb
1x sangan

10 Magics:
1x dark hole
2x MST
1x foolish burial
1x monster reborn
1x hurricane
1x sword of revealing light
1x mind control
2x creature swap

8 Traps:
2x magic cylinder
1x torrential tribute
1x mirror force
1x bottomless trap hole
1x call of the haunted
1x solemn judgement
1x divine warning

play style:1) ''kinka-byo'' pulled ''moja'' and special summon ''moja king'' from hand or graveyard
2) due to ''moja king'' field only can have 1 ''moja king'' i use ''grow up bulb'' or ''key mouse'' to tune with ''moja king'' for lvl 8 synchro monster
3)''foolish burial'' or ''ryko, the lightsworns hunter'' purpose was to mill ''moja king''

weakness:1)less attacker...this deck focus on ''moja king'' only, the second highest attack was 'beast striker'' with 1850 attack
2)remove from play...''key mouse'', ''moja'', ''grow up bulb'', ''sangan'', and ''kinka-byo'' effects can't apply when opponent using cards such as ''dimensional fissure''

deck name:1)moja deck(because the main cards was moja king)
2)tom and jerry deck?(inside the deck there was a rat--key mouse , a cat --kinka-byo and a dog--ryko,the lightsworns hunter)XD

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An experience...and a discover xD

LoL....this few day dueling through webcam...
this few day play with Shah a.k.a. Penang Champion..
he using BF...i using Dandy..
but feel like left out something...maybe is the "atmosphere"..
anyway the game is cool...and i always bad hands..LOL..
maybe need someone to slice my deck then my hand luck will better??maybe~
building my buster mode deck now...i call it old school buster mode..xD
because i using the teledark buster style...but 1 thing is..
i can call out SCAR RED NOVA DRAGON!!!damn epic wei~!!
and my friend just share me some info to beat Wong Fei hong down..
and he suggest me out Ally of Justice Core Destroyer..LoL...
and it is look GREAT!!!
AOJ's brother...haha..but it is enough to face Wong Fei Hong..haha...but 1 thing is Wong Fei Hong got Skill prepare Royal Decree too if you plan to side it in your deck =)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

3 wins 2 loses again...

Haha...just back from tournament..result...still 3 wins 2 loses...
is it a curse for me?O_O already 5 weeks the same result..=(

Deck used: Battle Quick-draw Dandy

Put Battle fader inside is fun also because it can stop people from OTK and Drill can take bac when it throw by quick synchrone..and sangan can search it too =)

1st Round
Ah Lim (Gigavis) OXO

1st game : he bad hand with no out big guys and win..=)
2nd game : 3 powertool+1 gigaplant+1 stardust...bye bye
3rd game : bottomless and 2 debris on field..slowly beat down and win with Trishula..

2nd Round
a Form 2 guy with machiner deck OO

1st game : Drill + camellia + Stardust...
2nd game : Drill keep on direct attack..although Grannel is out but its attack is keep on him by direct attack him 7 times..

3rd Round
Wei Yen (Light Beat) OXX

1st game : Camellia win till the last..
2nd game : Skill drain kill me...
3rd game : regret dint not put volcanic shell..hand with quick synchrone and shadow mornach..he left 200 lifepoint and his field got E hero another neos and E HEro field clear..Zzz

4th Round
Zack (BF) XX
1st game : Bad hand...and Drill keep on get solem warning...lose..
2nd game : Bad hand again..5 monster keep on gang bang me..=(

5th Round
Tung Kim Seng (Flamwell) XOO

1st game : his Stardust and AOJ keep on clear my field..kycoo join later too..Zz
2nd game : Bottomless trap hole and dimensional prison scrubbed him up...
3rd game : The best match i can say...both of us used out all our hand card...his field got kycoo and cyber dragon..i come out Drill and field got grow up bulb..plan to call out Blackrose but he activate his Torrential field get clear and both of us do not have any hand card too...he draw and set 1 card..AND my DESTINY DRAW happened here!!!MONSTER REBORN camellia and attack him 2 times...then DD crow when he used Pot of Avarice..he is very emo that time...then call out cyber dragon for defense and life point left 2400....draw debris then call out Black Rose and
out game grow up bulb and change the position of cyber dragon and attack 0 then

today my viruses spread around so who get sick please do not blame me...xD and maybe my virus make Wong Fei Hong didn't own this week...he is not topping~!!!haha...

That's all for today..


Friday, October 22, 2010


ShootingStar had been attacked by virus..fever, sore throat and voiceless..
he has to face wong fei hong tomorrow...
new cards is inject to his deck...worrying will it work...??
body condition dunno can perform clear mind anot...or being clear field...
damn emo now...=(

level 10 scrap dragon is roaring !!!!

scrap level 10 monster !

(UR/UTR)アトミック・スクラップ・ドラゴン earth level 10 dragon syncrho 3200 2400
★scrap tuner + 2 or more non tuner
★once per turn, you can select 1 card you control and 3 card from your opponent graveyards。Destroy your selected card and return the selected cards of your opponent's graveyard to their owner deck。When this card is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by card effect) and sent to the Graveyard, select 1 non-Synchro "Scrap" monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it

seem like the second effect is more attractive than the 1st effect

Monday, October 18, 2010

new booster ! true 6 samurai! sd20 ace monster!







for sd20 !


Saturday, October 16, 2010

justice bringer and signer dragon


translation :
for those once per turn effect,you cant active it again in the same turn

stardust dragon :nooo~me tribute myself to graveyard,i cant revive myself T_T.
red demon dragon: i still destroy your monster by battle!feel free to negate my second effect =D
black rose dragon:oh no i cant bom field anymore T_T
bf dragon : ...every 1 is not using me.....
power tool and ancient fairy dragon : this card has no effect on both of us! we just active the effect again ! XD

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yusei DP and Crow DP full list =)

Woohoo~~!!!what a great great news for all of the duelist...
Starlight road and effect veiler is in the Duelist Pack and it's rarity is Rare only!!!
yes!!yes rare!!not super rare!!....prediction for every deck in the future...all side or main starlight road....

But Crow DP is a bit disappointed because Sirroco and vayu is not inside...

You can have a look in the post below...just click in the picture..u can see it is a checklist =)

dp 10 11 full list!

here is it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Double Post today~!!!10/10/10 Team Tourney~

1st time joining this competition...
but earn many experience=)
Team name:- Tean FJP comment us if you dunno why we call this name..
Deck using:- X-saber,Quick Draw and Machiner

I am member A mean the 2nd player..

meet Mr X (X-saber)

we go after because our leader Kelvin lose in "one two shom"

1st game-1 turn Scrap Dragon and attack 3 time then win in 3 of my turn..

2nd game-Scrap out again with Drill Warrior and win~=)



But Chun Wooi

Kelvin have a narrow match and last he did some small mistake as he said..lose also..


LOSE!!!! hahaha...nevermind..will revenge on 21 of November~!!!
Michael's Team lose a bit unpredictable~~!!!Malaysia Champion and 1st runner's team..

9/10/10 Tournament~~

Deck used: Volcanic Quick-Draw Dandy

1st Math vs Mr X (Forgot your name..><) [Angel Beat]

1st game-the worse match before..i summoned Drill Warrior and Shooting Star Dragon and both are outgame because of their effect..then he summoned Kristia..i stun-ed because they cannot come back in the next turn..LOSE!!!!Emo!!

2nd game-side DD crow and Dimentional Prison..but i do my loop 1st so i win..

3rd game-I think he bad hands...i summoned Drill Warrior and scrap dragon..DD crow him while he activate Pot of avarice..Win~



2nd match vs Sun Shin Tat..(Frog Monarch)

meet team member..xD
1st game..i go my loop i win~

2nd game..Bad hand and he start his wind monarch combo..keep on draw back last he call out Dark Dust Spirit..cear my field and attack me...Lose...

3rd game-DD crow his treebon..rush and



3rd match- vs Wong Fei Hong (Light Beat)

Emo lo!!!meet him again!!
1st game--Rai Oh again...make my Drill Warrior come out late..and skill drain-ed..lose!!

2nd game-Rush and OTK him =)

3rd game-Skill Drain + Cyber Dragon + Honest..Bye bye to me..=(



4th Match vs Kamalan (GB)

1st game-1 monster on field and 5 set card..counter my everything...Lose..

2nd game-Cold wave and beat down..

3rd game-same thing happened from 1st game...Emo!!



5th Match vs Zhen Pei (BF)

1st game-Do my Loop and keep on BTH his

2nd game-He side Rai Oh and it is out in the 1st out AOJ but kill by Rai Oh..Then i call out Trihula to outgame his monster hand and grave but get BTH also..=( after that he call out Brionaic and BF armor wing..Next turn mind control brionaic and return his armor wing and brionaic..and summon Debris but get Divine Warning..he left 1000 turn he draw set card but get draw i draw debris and win~~



get the 7th place..
Shin Tat get 4th place and go into Top 4..Congratez~~but he quite a lucky person because he always get a bye in the 1st match..LoL..

That's all for today


The Goblin of Greed

"Goblin of Greed" was a wealthy dealer("Upstart Goblin" card) before he lost his money in an accident("Bubble Crash" card), and so he decided to get wealthy like he was before.

He tried working in housekeeping service("Good Goblin Housekeeping" card) but almost lost everything("Heavy Slump" card).

He was fired, and thought about stealing plans, starting with stealing(can see in "Goblin Thief" card) the "Jar of Greed", then stealing(can see in "Jar Robber" card) the "Pot of Greed".(both stealing are different if u can see the pic clearly.)

Goblin of Greed angered an important aristocrat("Goblin Out of the Frying Pan" card) presumably by either being caught stealing the pot or offering him the stolen Pot of Greed and was placed into slavery("Second Coin Toss" card).

The "Dark Scorpion Burglars" tried stealing the wealthy man's money, and succeeded, but Goblin of Greed was on their tail, but was interrupted by biting goblins("Dark Scorpion Combination" card. If u look carefully, there is a Goblin in the pic) and later was fired.

He later lost all of his money by paying("Fine" card) for the stolen and damaged "Jar of Greed" and "Pot of Greed".

Rumors say he's currently working in an abandoned dark factory("Dark Factory of Mass Production" card).

Dark Ruler Ha Des

He first appeared when he dethroned(can see in "Demotion" card) "Dark King of the Abyss" and ruled over darkness.

He was a merciless tyrant(can see in "Order to Smash" card) who built an entire army of shadow creatures. "Opticlops" and "Berserk Dragon" were apparently the creatures he valued the most.

He was often seen having dealings with shady persons(can see in "A deal with Dark Ruler" card).

Besides his army, he was extremely powerful by himself, being able to control the free will(can see in "The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler" card) or destroy his enemies(can see in "Raigeki Break" card) in many ways(can see in "Soul Demolition" card).

However, he eventually lost control(can see in "Skill Drain" card) until one day he was confronted by his rival(that is Dark King of the Abyss) who fired a hate buster(can see in "Hate Buster" card) against him.

The result of the battle was fatal for the "Dark Ruler Ha Des".

However, that wasn't meant to be the end, since he somehow revived(can see in "Revived King Ha Des" card), faced his nemesis(can see in "Destruct Potion" card) and ultimately defeated it, thus ruling over darkness once again.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

704! and movie pack!


UR 5
SR 9
R 18
N 48

704 ! junk synchro monster and other junk card ! bruno tech genius!psychic! and other anime cards (oct - jan)

ジャンク・バーサーカー will be cover monster !

movie pack=
those sin monsters +, got 7 new cards

Saturday, October 2, 2010

2/10 Sungai Wang Tournament

Actually today not going to Sungai Wang due to Kite and Jun Piek not going...
but feel like wana duel and Chun Wooi is going so i choose to follow his car~!!
went there register and order duelist pack...

ok..skip the nonsense..xD
Deck used: Volcanic Quick-Draw Dandy

1st Round vs Tung Kim Seng (Flamewell)

1st game-- I do my loop first with my Drill Warrior and Dandy token..Although he summon Red Daemon dragon to clear my token but after that all his monster get mirror force-ed and i call out all monster to OTK

2nd game he start 1st..but i think he is bad hand..I summon Drill Warrior again and direct attack him..but after that he summon Wang-Hu to prevent my Dandy Loop but i activate Torrential Tribute when he summon summoner monk and synchrone Red Daemon..Field clear then i OTK again..


2nd Round vs Andrew Ng (Volcanic Quick Draw)

1st game-- I dunno what deck he is using because he just set 1 monster and a i activate raikou's effect and clear his monster and trap by mystical typhoon..that moment I know what deck he is playing when i saw the monster is volcanic shell..i was like OMG..same deck..>< but i do the loop i win..
2nd game-- He do the Loop 1st so he win
3rd game-- I start 1st with Dandy Loop and he is bad win =)


3rd Round vs Sean (BF)

1st game-- Drill warrior again but he dark arm..=.= Black Rose clear field...after that summon Drill Warrior again with other synchone and Gorz..he is with 1 set card i worry is mirror i outgame my drill and attack and his life point left 2400..after that he Dark Arm again and 1 more synchone..I lose..
2nd game-- Bad hand..let him beat down...

4th game vs Ivan (used to call him as 奸商)[BF]


1st game-- I do my Dandy Loop again...rush and damage him as possible i can but get book of moon and he summon AOJ to kill my Tytannial, Princess of Camellias..token keep on get inflict last Gorz pop out and win..

2nd game-- Black Rose destroy field at the late game when my spore get DD crow-ed and dandy get out game...Royal oppression my drill when it try to come back from outgame..but he no hand card and set Divine Warning point left 500 only..summon dandy and damage him and left 200 and after that he summon BF Kalut and destroy my Dandy and 2 draw Gorz and end him =)


5th game vs Michael (scrap) 1-2 LoL..Malaysia Champion leh..>< 1st game-- Bad hand..he come out Scrap dragon and Scrap twin..lose..=.=

2nd game--i go first and i end him with 2 Drill Warrior..

3rd game-- Bad hand again...same thing happened..lose..

3-2 get into Top 4...26 point..other player got 3 win also 25 point..LoL so i get in..xD

vs Michaeil again ><

1st game-- same like just now...i bad hand he scrap and scrap twin me...

2nd game-- i go 1st and with drill warrior direct attack him and the next turn he only got 1 scrap twin and 1 set card i mystical typhoon him and call out scrap dragon to destroy his scrap twin and monster reborn my Tytannial, Princess of =)

3rd game-- Bad hand with 2 volcanic shell..=.= lose..

Then versus Wong Fei Hong who go in top 4 in the last 3 weeks.. (Hero Beat)

1st game-- Bad hand..and keep on get dual spark from him and Rai-Oh block and kill me..><

2nd game rush everything and OTK and his set card is just skill drain...xD

3rd game-- BAD HAND again..>< emo!!! he got 2 Rai-Oh and i got 1 Drill Warrior..after that i wana destroy his Rai-Oh by attack his Rai-Oh..but..Honest..lose...

Ranking get the 4th place..get Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant as prize..=)

1st place--Michael
2nd place--Sean
3rd place--Wong Fei Hong
4th place--Me(=.=)

then take Monorail and KTM back home~~

That's all for today~~