Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Conclusion after Malaysia Final...

Erm...1st round i mei a BF guy.....his poker face damn professional..
He keep on acting like don't know any thing...
then when the duel is start i see his BF...
i was like...OMG...
but i got final countdown in my hand...
activate it and i defense nicely...1 st round win easily..

2nd round he slice my deck to make me Bad Hands..><
and his hand card is pretty good...3 icarus make me die badly...and
ice boundary dragon...OMG...!!He cheat me that he is just new and don't know any thing..
but actually he is acting!!!!Lose in this round..

Round 3 i play 1st and my final countdown comes to me again~~
And he only manage to summon ice boundary dragon in 18 turn...
winning for sure in this round...

Result: OXO
to prevent his special summon..

Next opponent...Sung Lee...2005's champion..only manage to defense till the 8 turns..
his synchrone is fast...he can out 3 power tool and 1 megaplant with super vice in 1 turn...
strong attack huh??
what to do ??Lose..
2nd round i side Vanity's Fiend to prevent his special summon but i can't draw it...
But he side Royal Decree to seal my trap...
Lose to his Powertool Plant OTK....
and congrates to him that he manage to go in Final with Michael....

Conclusion of this year Malaysia National...
姜还是老的辣 xD

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

don know how to build side deck? actually it is easy!

consecrated light > counter bf x3
system down > anti machina x3
mask of restrict > counter frog monarch x3
prohibition > you scare which card then declare what card~ x3

1 type/attribute deck -
rivalry of warlords >counter lightlord /gb /synchro deck x3
gozen match >counter gb/synchro deck x3

vice versa of 1 type/attribute deck -
DD crow > you can main / side this cards,surely usefull x3

special exception -
divine warth >......kill herald of perfection x3(but some of msia tourney cant use promote card,so no kristya no heralds xD)

some cards i already forget,got chance i will edit this post.

see? it is easy xD
(build according to counter meta deck = =)

Monday, June 28, 2010

malaysia final

- How you think about this tournament?

erm.... many things i not dare to say,
so~overall is sucks~

- How you think about the venue?

still save cost,that is the way

- How the Judge manage the event?

hoho,can not complain him...judge is king
so nothing to say

conclusion :

top 16

our team leader and me managed to enter top 16,

tat's as far as we go.


Did our bez.

will try harder next year.

2 members lost at 1st match,

followed by dunno how many members lost at the next round.

and in the end onli 2 of us managed to enter 16.


lost to Uncle Mikey wif his Frog Prince deck ah shitty.

Nothing much to say, it's a good experience for me.

Will write my report later.

I slept for 10 hours ( usually 5 hours )

That's why i'm nt online yesterday.


Hell ya. See you all next year!!!



YuGiOh malaysia national championship result

top 8 decklist:
frog monarch
quick-draw dandy
buster mode
plant synchro
frog OTK

BF vs plant synchro (plant synchro wins)
machina vs frog monarch(frog monarch wins)

frog monarch vs plant synchro(frog monarch wins)

3rd place
BFvs machina(BF wins)

finals results
champion:frog monarch
runner-up:plant synchro

Saturday, June 26, 2010

12 hours more...

12 hour more the malaysia world's tournament will be held!!!!
My Deck....please give me power....
i hope i can use you well.......
gambateh to our team mates too...don't panic and do your best..=)

Team Arcobaleno is the BEST!!!!!

プライドの咆哮 & Honest

Thanks alot to Akira and 小謎 for answering my question~~

Player 1's Sangan attacks Player 2's Lightsworn Paladin Jean.
During damage calculation, Player 1 activate Prideful Roar,
Player 2 chain Honest.

Prideful Roar:
Activate only during damage calculation when the ATK of your battling monster is lower than the ATK of your opponent's, and pay Life Points equal to the difference in ATK. Your monster gains ATK equal to that difference +300 during damage calculation only.

1.How does the chain resolve?
2.How many LP does Player 1 need to pay?

2. 尊嚴的咆哮為三眼怪增加差距為1800點+300點的攻擊力結果, 攻擊力為3100的三眼怪與攻擊力為2800點的聖騎士進行戰鬥

Translated by Akira:
Chain 1: Prideful Roar (800LP paid as the activation cost)
Chain 2: HonestResolve1. Honest's effect increases Lightsworn Paladin Jean's ATK by 1000 (The ATK of Sangan at this moment).
2. Prideful Roar's effect increases Sangan's ATK by 1800 + 300.As a result, Sangan with ATK 3100 and Lightsworn Paladin Jean with ATK 2800 will conduct battle.

Hey LGQ....

U r nt the only one who's having headache....

My deck is like....


Ah geez....


Side decking with no cash is like....



Friday, June 25, 2010

Ruling Reminder

Discarding 1 card and removing “Drill Warrior” from play are both part of the same Ignition Effect. Discarding the card is not a cost.

Drill Warrior: The resolution of "Drill Warrior" which removes it from play and the resolution which has you discard one card from your hand are considered to occur simultaneously. Thus, if you discard "Jinzo - Returner" with this effect, then you can Special Summon "Jinzo" from the Graveyard.

Gyzarus targets up to 2 cards.

Ultimate Psychicker
This card cannot be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck except by a Fusion Summon.

Juz some plain reminder to myself.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Drill Warrior Q on Direct Atk

To Alpreme who doesn't understand what i'm explaining.
Straight from Yugioh Asia Forum.
Get it?


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Drill Warrior again again again!!

Halving drill warrior's attack----

The effect of "Drill Warrior" which halves its ATK gives it the ability to attack directly.

The effect does not force "Drill Warrior" to attack directly during that turn's Battle Phase, so "Drill Warrior" can still attack a monster.


Halving drill warrior's attack = Ignition Monster Effect

Direct attack = Optional Trigger Effect

Get it??


Ryko Is Free From Liability and Cost



FLIP: You can destroy a card on the field. Send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard.

A:同時に処理される扱いではありません。  フィールド上に存在する対象のカード1枚を破壊した後、コントローラーのデッキの上からカード3枚を墓地に送ります。(08/03/05)

See de full-stop? Its 2 different effect.

Q: Does the 2 different effect resolves at the same time?
A: No, first destroy target card on the field, then the controller will send 3 cards from the top of their deck.

It's nt a cost, discarding 3 cards to the grave is nt a cost. It doesnt say u nid to send 3 cards from ur deck to activate it. It's a different effect. Even if u choose not to destroy any card, you must send 3 cards from ur deck too ( mandatory effect, while destroy a card is optional. )



please be patience...小不忍则乱大谋

for my team member... please take your time when you are playing card, ESPECIALLY using solemn judgment don simply set and use it, this is one of the key card to lead you win. DARE TO SET AND DARE TO USE, IF NOT , DON'T SET IT !

summon judgment dragon !
solemn you ! roar!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

19/06/2010 kepong small tournament reports

participants:15(maybe...because got 1 player will have a bye)
mode:swiss match
results:4 wins 1 lose....3rd rank

first match:vs basic E-hero deck
2nd set:i was able to defend his ''elemental hero absolute zero'' with my ''mirror force''...but he was able to normal summoned ''elemental hero edgeman'' with the effect of ''elemental hero necroshade''...then i don't have any monster or trap cards protecting my LP left 800 and his LP remains 8000...but then i was able to do 7300 damage with ''judgement dragon'',''brionac, the dragon of ice barrier''.''luminas, the lightlord summoner'' and another monster...but he was able to destroy all my monster in next round with ''lightning vortex''...but luckily he don't have monster and he could not end my 2nd set...

second match:vs koe'ki meiru deck
luckily he didnt put ''koe'ki meiru dragoo'' i only having hard time on ''koe'ki meiru sandman '' and ''koe'ki meiru guardian''

third match:vs BF deck(zack)
i must admit he was a skillful player and this is my first time play with his BF deck...

fouth match:vs D-former
he was a pure attacker and my decks cooperate well with me...2 sets also give me ''honest''= i win him with my ''honest'' and also ''cherubim, the lightlord angel''..@@

fifth match:vs Lightlord deck
luckily he was trap base Lightlord his hand cards was easily burn i able to play with him calmly...

semi-finals:vs GB
his GB decks was both offensive and defensive....and he special summon ''voltics bicorn'' by using ''call of the haunted'' during 2nd sets when i special summon ''judgement dragon''....that time my decks only left 10 cards and i don't have any cards can destroy my own ''judgement dragon'' i lost due to empty decks

3rd ranks match:vs LIghtlord(same ppl)
my first set was a bit easy because i know his play style because we met b4 at our fifth round....2nd mistake because i forgot his graveyard gt 1 ''shinny black *C*''...makes my situation suddenly changed during middle of last few turns i special summon ''judgement dragon''....then i suddenly check my deck cards...4 cards....i thought i will lose....then suddenly my savior reach...''cyber dragon''!!...i faster sacrifice ''judgement dragon'' and summon ''cyber dragon''...then i successful using ''cyber dragon'' to defends against him till he run out of decks because we both only left 4 cards ...

that all for 2day,

Fun Fact

The cost of the materials used to make one Yugioh card is.....

RM 0.0059 cents ( exclude tax lols? )

Not meant to offend anyone, take it easy k?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Self-destructing Shin

This deck aint gonna work, series 3.

Synch Jibaku-god OTK

monsta 18:
Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu x3
inmato x3
petit inmato x3
mystic tomato x3
(anakin) earthbound line(sky)walker x3
Double Coston x2
DAD x1

Superu 17:
Ancient Forest x3
Maosoleum of Emperor x3
Terra Forming x3
The Beginning of THe End x1
Card Destruction x1
Pots of Duality x2
Allure of Darkness x1
Swallow's Nest x3

Trap 5:
Revival of the Immortals x2
Threatening Roar x3

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

can a monster destroy by effect after it was destroyed by battle?

when the attacking monster inflict battle damage by attacking opponent monster,the attack target is consider as destroy by battle at that moment.

so,can a monster destry by effect after that? yes,this could be happen.this prove by following example :

1) red demon dragon-
when red demon dragon attack def position monster,include the attack target monster also consider as destroy by effect after damage calculation~(giant rat can't active their effect~)

2)when negate the monster effect :
those flip monster or DD lady ,they destroy by effect after you negate their effect~

3)rivalry of warlords-
if the set monster type is diffence with your face up monster,it sent to graveyard after damage calculation~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


PLayer A: Attacks Player's B set monster on the field.

Player B: Flip, set monster = Ryko Effect destroy a card on the field, Player B choose to destroy
Player A's set magic/trap card.

Player A : Destroyed Magic/trap = Wild Tornado (荒野の大竜巻)
Chooses to destroy flipped up Ryko.

The problem's here.
Can Player A destroy Ryko?


Monday, June 14, 2010


I don't know what its name in english, but this is the time when after resolve an effect / the time after a monster is summon , turn player can use priority to chain directly with speed spell 2 cards, whether the turn player choose either to use priority or not ,after priority the opponent can chain with speed spell 2 card.

example :
turn player play reinforcement of the army,after the effect is resolved,after the turn player choose to use priority or not(he only able to use spell speed 2 cards) , but your opponent can chain with mind crush!

is this the main reason why mind crush is limited? XD

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drill Warrior again

You discard one card when resolving the effect of "Drill Warrior" which removes from play. It is not a cost to activate the effect.

Drill Warrior can't run away from BTH.

And if it cant resolve the effect where Drill Warrior RFP itself, you cant discard one card.

Coz it's being RFP by BTH


The gag father

人地话: 雀仔就来去到同光暗有的比。 我就话 :神宣不到你的特召就天罚你!

people say: winged-beast type power soon will equal with the power of twilight.
i say : if solemn judgement cant negate your special summon then i use divine warth !

Fresh Meat

Gb vs Bf vs Mac vs LS

Goat Burger vs Beef fillet vs Big Mac vs Luncheon Sandwich

This is what you'll be eating

Next next Sunday.

And dun be surprised, Mr Monazi is coming home with some Beef Fetcher.

Mind some frog's drumstick?


13/06/10 sungai wang small tournament

mode:swiss mode
results:3 wins 2 loses

first match:vs MK(BF deck)
i manage to use ''solemn judgement'' to negates ''icarus attack'' in both round but i hard to defend his BF monster till my ''judgement dragon'' appears..

second match:vs Dragon deck
his ''koaki meiru dragoo'' manage to delay my decks for few rounds especially that time i gt 2 ''cyber dragon'' in my hands and ''wulf, the lightlord beast'' when i throw it through ''ryko, the lightlord hunter''...

third match:vs kite(GB deck)
second round:his field gt 4 set magic/trap cards....then i destiny draw!!...''cold wave'' came to save me...then i combo it with ''judgement dragon''

fourth match:vs MIA(missing in action)

fifth match:vs Micheal(perfect herald deck)
my first round i win it with luck because he having bad hands...2nd the 3rd round i get killed by ''herald of perfection'' combo with ''mage power'' and ''royal decree''...and he keep recycle his angel bullets with ''dark factory of mass production'' and ''salvage''

so i ends up with 3 wins 2 loses at rank 7


Friday, June 11, 2010


  • There may be occasions when you don't want your LaDD to activate its third effect. This may be the case when you have a full back row or a lot of monsters, or there is a card on the field that you wish to use the effect of. In that case, LaDD is most easily removed by tributing him for the tribute summon of a high-level monster. If his stats are down to 800/400 already, you can also tribute him for card effects like Advance Draw, or any other effect that requires you to tribute a monster.
  • You can make a loop with this card and "Dragunity Arms Laevatein". When you summon Laevatein, equip Light and Darkness Dragon to it. Whenever this card or Laevatein is destroyed, your field will be destroyed by the effect of Light and Darkness Dragon. Then, use Light and Darkness Dragon's other effect to special summon Laevatein from your graveyard, re-equip "Light and Darkness Dragon" to it, and repeat. The only weakness in this loop is cards that can remove the two monsters from play, or send them back to the hand or deck.
  • You can use Swap Frog's 3rd effect to put this card back in your hand after it's been weakened. Even if it still has enough ATK/DEF to negate one more effect, Light and Darkness Dragon cannot prevent Swap Frog from returning it to the hand; returning a monster to the hand is a cost to use Swap Frog's 3rd effect (Normal Summoning a Frog monster), and Light and Darkness Dragon cannot negate costs.

..that's all for today..


Monday, June 7, 2010

Gundari VS A.O.J Catastor

Both monster have almost same effect that is active it's effect before the damage calculation. But how if the Ally of Justice Catastor attack Gundari or Gundari attack the All of Justice Catastor? How the effects resolve? Here is the answer..

1st situation: If the Gundari attack the Ally of Justice Catastor... Gundari effect will activate first.. this is chain link 1... after that the Ally of Justice Catastor also activate the effect...this is chain link 2... seems the chain link 2 is resolve first.. so Gundari will destroyed by the Ally of Justice Catastor first. Since that Gundari is not on the field, therefore it's effect is not applied on the Ally of Justice Catastor.

2nd situation: If the Ally of Justice Catastor attacks Gundari, it's effect activate first.. this is chain link 1(like above situation).. After that Gundari also activate it's effect...this is chain link 2... same to above situation... chain link 2 is resolve first, so Ally of Justice Catastor will return to Extra deck. Since that Ally of Justice Catastor is not on the field, therefore it's effect is not applied...

Wow!! So confuse.. @.@

The gag father

人地话:BF 系依家geh大热门。我就话:counter 天使一点都不冷门!

Plant GN Shield Bits Edition

Hell this deck won't work.
Series 2: Plant

Lord Poison x3
Lonefire Blossom x3
Puchi Tomabo x3
Tomabo x3
Mother Grizzly x3
Mystic Tomato x3
Botanical Girl x3

Spore x1

Lightning Vortex x3
Double Cyclone x3
Cyclone x1
Hurricane x1
Mark of Rose x3

Pollinosis x3
SOlemn x1
Divine Warning x2
Plant Food Chain x3

How to play?

Like how its named.

Monster = Shield
Magic = Clear enemy's shield
Trap = Wow
Synchro = (=w=)

Tell your opponent:
Dun hit me, i have Battle Fader, with a Gaius at my hand.

That'll get you no where.



Sunday, June 6, 2010


Good cards should have never been expensive, price should be based on the card's rarity.

Unknown Duelist.


Tis is abit old,

placing an Alien Counter on a monster doesn't target.

Been saying Alien Token alot yesterday, wow.....

Undead is somewat playable, nid lots of modification.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

jinzo returner end phase effect

You can use jinzo returner effect to Special Summon Jinzo and then equip him with Heavy Mech Support Platform to keep him.

this is found at wikia tips,for actual ruling,please refer to japan ruling website (because last time got people said tips may not accurate)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Power Giant from the coming Booster

By discarding 1 Level 4 or lower Monster Card from your hand, you can Special Summon this card. Afterwards, this card's Level is decreased by the Level of the discarded monster. During your Battle Phase if this card attacks, all Effect Damage to your Life Points is negated.

is a good card in supporting synchro by decreasing monster's level..
second is the attack is high compare to the other special summon monster like:
Cyber Dragon,Vice Dragon...
its attack is 2200 but the weakness is defence 0...
extra effect behind is MAD....
in battle phase all effest damage to life point is negated!!!!!!!
Magic Cylinder is useless~!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A synchro monster's silent killer..

Ancient Prophecy (ANPR-JP024 - NR)

When 1 Synchro Monster is Special Summoned on your opponent's side of the field, you can remove from play this card in the Graveyard to destroy that monster.

This card is particularly nasty simply because it activates in the Graveyard--unlike most card effects that would be used to destroy a monster when it is summoned, there are only a few cards that can stop Shiny Black "C" from functioning, ("Divine Wrath" is one) and not all of them are commonly used. However, ironically, a Synchro Monster that is very frequently used - "Stardust Dragon" - can easily negate this card.

Use Foolish Burial to place it into the graveyard to
prevent people synchro summon some OTK or scary monster like:
Trishula,Brionaic,Goyou Red Daemon Dragon??

Super Gay Fusion Drill your ASs


Super Polymerization
Spells, Traps, and Effect Monsters' effects cannot be activated in response to this card's activation.

But u can still kill the monster special-summoned later after SP resolved. You can't BTH that monster coz u can't chain to SUper Polymerization's activation.

Drill Warrior
Special Summoning “Drill Warrior” and adding 1 Monster Card to your hand do not happen at the same time. You Special Summon, then add the Monster Card to your hand. “Bottomless Trap Hole” cannot be activated.

Anyhow, I Synchro summon Drill warrior, you BTH me, i use my priority,
BTH = Remove my Drill Warrior in Chain Link 2 and Drill warrior can't resolve its effect in Chain Link 1 since it can't RFP itself oredi....



Solemn Judgment

"Solemn Judgment" cannot negate a Special Summon if it results from the activated effect of a monster card, like "Mystic Tomato", "Light and Darkness Dragon", "Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord", "Marauding Captain", "Lonefire Blossom", etc.

It's obvious. Someone's still arguing with me bout Giant Nezumi pulling out my X-sabers.

"Solemn Judgment" can negate the Special Summon of a monster that is Special Summoned through its own inherent Special Summon effect that DOES NOT START A CHAIN, like "Cyber Dragon", "The Fiend Megacyber", "Dark Necrofear", "Dark Armed Dragon", "Judgment Dragon", "Gladiator Beast Gyzarus", "Elemental Hero Storm Neos", etc.

Things that doesn't starts a chain still can be responded to. It doesn't matters whether it can be chained to or not.

Understood eh?


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Skull Flame Beat

Concept: Beat. Clear. Beat. Clear.

Skull Flame x3
Zombie Carrier x1
Il Bud x3
Battle Fader x3
Pyramid Turtle x3
Mezuki x1
Zombie Master x2
Ryko x3
Dark-armed x1

Call of the Mummy x3
Book of Life x3
Magical Stone Excavation x2
Cyclone x1
Hurricane x1
Heavy Storm x1

Trap Stun x3
Wild Tornado x3

Dust Tornado x3

Are you joking?


Batter Lee: Kite D.D. (Dead Draw) Build

Hell this deck won't work.

Batteryman Industrial Strength x2
Batteryman Fuel Cell x3
Batteryman AAA x3
Batteryman AA x3
Batteryman Charger x3
Batteryman Micro-Cell x3
Batteryman D x3

Hand Destruction x3
Battery Charger x3
Card Detruction x1
Inferno Reckless Summon x3
Short Circuit x3

Reckless Greed x3
Portable Battery Pack x3
Call of the Haunted x1

Lose every game with a dead draw or performs OTK and get stalled or countered.
Great right?
Dead Draw's main function is to OTK, doing STUPID stuff will make de whole deck malfunction.
Three Short Circuit in hands = Lucky
Main power = Pull out fuel cell ASAP with either 2 battery on field or use Charger to pull his ass out.
Use inferno reckless to cheat ur opponent into BTH ur AA and then rape him with Fuel Cell or Industrial strength.
2100 x 3 + 2600 x 1 = GAME
Thinning ur deck ASAP and before your 3rd turn will win u the game.
Zero Guardna is an ass.
ANything that stops ur OTK, or countdown deck, count urself unlucky.

Don't flame me if it won't work, as its obviously need some improvement.

I need some white mice.




Modified, origin from TheStar online:

A PONTIANAK has apparently been disturbing Black Feathers on night duty at the Betong district police headquarters about 150km from Kuching.
The apparition of a long hair woman in a white dress has been spotted several times in the lock-up.
It was also seen around the police station.
“Its face is similar to an officer here. When it is given instructions, Pontianak would only keep quiet,” said a source quoted in Harian Satelite.
Such incidents have been happening ever since the Black Feathers shifted to the current meta in April.
The police has sought the services of a Magician to get rid of the Zombie.
The Chaos Sorcerer, apparently, found that the spirit of the zombie lady was not in peace.
“We were told that the woman, when she was alive, was a rape victim and was murdered here with her baby, Necro Face, impregnant for 3 months.”
Betong OCPD Deputy Supt Sirocco said three Black Feathers, namely Vayuu and the gang had been disturbed by the zombie equipped with Book of Life over the past month.

Where are the zombies?
Ban list killed them?


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June: All the Best, let's go World Qualifiers.


Geez, let's do our best and meet at the world qualifiers....


Time goes on and on,

In such a fast tempo.....