Saturday, September 24, 2011

TB Ranking Tournament Report 24/09/2011

Today we plan to go sungai wang but at last we pop out in Toysbar because the prize sirroco is quite attractive~

Deck used: TG agent

1st Match meet LGQ (Hero)

The deck I do not hope to play against

1st match: I dunno what happened but i remember i got rape badly

2nd match: call out venus and gachi gachi in the 1st turn and he call out Anotehr Neos later on and set 2. I MST his skill drain and attacks his Another Neos but got honest-ed. He call out Hope in his turn and end. I call TG striker and revive his honest and special summon TG ware wolf and he open torrential tribute and I call out Hyperion to beat down.

3rd match: I forgot everything but still remember the last scene is he stand Shining and Heatman and i call out Kycoo and BLS to attack to win..of course with the help of Honest.

2nd match meet team mate LCW (Lightlord)

1st match: call out venus for gachi gachi then stop his lyla summon then next turn call out Empty space sea dragon, Hyperion and Trishula attack for game. orange light when he trying to out Gorz.

2nd match: He got bad hand.

3rd match meet Imba Crowser (Six Sam)

1st match: He got gate and United but he call out kageki and special summon enishi draw 2 and set 2. I special summon TG striker and TG warewolf and call out wonder magician and he activate Solemn Judgement. cal out BLS attack his enishi (1300) and attack his Kageki (2800) and game.

2nd match: He call out Shien in first turn then set 1. i call out earth but get warning then set 3. He activate double-edge and i chained royal decree and he negate with Shi-en and i chained another royal decree. He direct attacked. I special summon TG stiker and summon sangan i get from last turn pot's draw and synchron for Magical Android and sangan effect get honest and attack his Shi-en. he call out Mizuho and special summon Shinai and destroy my Magical Android and Shinai take back Kagemusha. My turn call out BLS and attack twice to win.

Result: 1st Place get a BF Sirroco.

p.s. BLS = Black Luster Soldier


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